In order to conclude the reason for specific technical problem or to evaluate the condition and the efficiency of a specific refrigeration or heat pump system the proper measurement and analysis of certain working parameters is necessary. The key to identify the behavior of the refrigeration system is the understanding how these parameters interact together. Detailed on the subject in several articles the proven specialist for refrigeration and heat pump systems Svetoslav Vlashki, MEng will acquaint the readers of Engineer.BG.

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Company VLASHKI ENGINEERING organised seminar with topic "Infrared Thermography and Energy Conversion Systems." The aim of the seminar was to present to energy efficiency auditors the opportunities and applications of infrared thermography. There were also included the basic methods for diagnostics and analysis of energy conversion systems and advanced platforms for modeling and simulation.

The program during the second day consisted in lecture held by Svetoslav Vlashki, MEng from the Department of Thermal and Refrigeration Engineering of Technical University of Sofia, who presented the subject Modern Trends in Hydraulic Control of HVAC Systems…

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