Infrared Thermography

The infrared thermography is one of the most efficient and universal methods of performing nondestructive diagnostics. It provides the possibility to identify specific problems before they can endanger the safety or cause serious material damages and financial losses. The infrared thermography allows the qualitative assessment of the technical condition and the energy efficiency of buildings and technological systems and as well the realization of an effective program for predictive monitoring and maintenance.

We have high end infrared camera with very good resolution and high temperature sensitivity. The excellent ergonomics enables us to effectively capture objects in narrow spaces. The camera can use full set of lenses, depending on the requirements of the specific application. The innovative technology Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) provides images with the highest level of detail.

The new professional software provides an expanded set of cutting-edge controls for generating more comprehensive thermal imaging inspection and research reports. It allows the recording and playback of radiometric video files and time/temperature plots. It allows to combine several images by building a radiometric panorama image. The generated reports provide advanced data analysis and more detailed thermal imagery that show anomalies, trends, and results with greater precision.