Software Development

We have the full capacity for development of specialized software intended for solving different technical tasks. The main areas in which we are competent are the energy conversion systems and technologies and all problems related to thermodynamics and heat transfer. The software can be used for internal purposes from companies engaged in design, manufacturing and sales and also for the improvement of the work with their clients.

MOLLIER DIAGRAM 2016 is applied software for conducting psychromeric calculations developed in the MATLAB programming environment. The software allows calculation of the thermodynamic states and processes by handling of moist air and their representation in interactive h-x diagram.

COMPRESSOR PERFORMANCE is a program which calculates the working envelope and the performance of a rotary compressor. The main challenge in this particular task is the floating working envelope which is a function of the rotation speed, SST, SDT and the pressure ratio. The program is used in the process of development of heat pump systems. It is used to perform multiple calculations for the compressor performance at different operating conditions in order to optimize the elements of the heat pump system.