Research and Development

The research and development are creative processes which require not only knowledge and skills but also ingenuity and forward thinking. Our team is directly oriented in research and development of innovative products and solutions. We have the full capacity for performing all the necessary stages of the engineering process – from the concept development and performing of calculations, through prototype assembly and testing, up to the optimization of the working parameters.

We believe in the application of complex engineering approach, consisting of two complementary directions. The first one is the development of mathematical model and the conduction of simulations and the second one is the construction of physical model and the performing of a properly designed experiment.

For solving the given tasks we use the latest software programs for modelling, simulation and statistical data analysis like Matlab, Simulink, Maple, R, EnergyPlus and the most authoritative technical literature.

We use one of the most powerful working stations which enables us to perform quickly and effectively complex calculations and develop sophisticated 3D graphical models.