We design all types of commercial and industrial refrigeration and heat pump systems. We offer customized technical solutions completely consistent with the demands of the specific application. We execute the process of development in such a way that the performance of the system corresponds to the main priorities of the client – initial cost, energy efficiency, operational reliability, serviceability.

We provide complete solutions which cover concept development, analysis of different technical alternatives, performance of complex calculations, 2D and 3D graphical model development etc. We follow all respective legal requirements and current standards. We combine conservative methods with the state of the art technology to guarantee the safety and reliability of the systems and to achieve maximum energy performance.

We have specialized software programs for the calculation of finned-pack evaporators, condensers and supercritical coolers. The software allows the optimization of the heat exchanger geometry and the calculation of the heat exchanger performance at different operating conditions.

We work with the library of functions for MATLAB – ASHRAE LibHuAirProp which consists of the most precise mathematical models for calculation of the thermodynamic and transport properties of moist air. The library uses real gas models based on which the values in the most authoritative technical handbook for hydraulics and HVAC systems – ASHRAE Handbook are calculated. The functions allow calculation of all processes by the handling of moist air in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.