Water Source Heat Pump System 320 kW

The presented heat pump system is especially developed for the use of geothermal water with temperature up to 40 оС and for heating water up to 85 оС.

In the conventional heat pumps available on the market, because of the limited operating envelope of the used compressors, the maximum allowable temperature of the geothermal water at the evaporator inlet is 20 оС. This limitation does not allow the full usage of the geothermal water temperature potential and the achievement of optimal energy efficiency. Conventional heat pumps do not allow heating the water to temperatures higher than 65 оС. The heat pump developed by our team uses last generation scroll compressors which have a working envelope specially designed for high temperature applications.

The challenges in the specific application are the very wide range of temperatures and water flows and the fact that the capacity is controlled in two steps of 50% and 100%. This means there is a very large change in the heat flux and the refrigerant flow. In order to ensure the reliable and efficient operation of the system complex calculations were performed based on which the optimum geometry of the two brazed plate heat exchangers was selected. The electronic expansion valve (EEV) ensures optimal use of the heat exchange surface of the evaporator and precise control of refrigerant in line with greater dynamics in the working conditions. The system has web-based interface that allows remote control and monitoring of all operating parameters, diagnostics and automatic notification.

Thanks to these features the system developed by our team offers a much wider operating range and significantly higher energy efficiency than conventional systems available on the market.