Air – Water Heat Pump 12 kW

The presented system is a reversible high end air – water heat pump which provides heating, cooling and domestic hot water. Using the most advanced technologies in components and intelligent control algorithms maximum comfort, high energy efficiency, reliability and very low noise levels are provided. The optimized design combines functionality and the ability to effectively perform service tasks. To achieve this performance the following technologies were implemented during the development of the system:

  • highly efficient twin rotary compressor with brushless DC inverter motor (BLDC) and floating operating envelope

  • finned packed heat exchanger with specially optimized geometry which ensures minimal temperature difference and significantly longer operating cycle without the need for defrost

  • fan with electronically commutated poles (EC) which has significantly lower power consumption than conventional fans and provides stable system control and low noise levels

  • brazed plate heat exchanger optimized specifically for work at maximum efficiency in reversible heat pump systems using innovative distribution device – Q-pipe distribution system

  • electronic expansion valves (EEV) that provide optimum use of the evaporator heat transfer surface and precise control of the refrigerant mass flow rate in accordance with the dynamic working conditions

  • web-based interface that allows remote control and monitoring of all working parameters, diagnostics and automatic notification

  • highly efficient circulation pump with electronic control and the ability to set different operating modes

  • high quality construction with two levels of sound insulation

Indoor Unit

Outdoor Unit

During the development of the system extensive tests were conducted to ensure that the required technical and energy performance is achieved under real operating conditions.

Our team has the capacity to offer customized solutions, fully consistent with the specific requirements. The heat pump systems we develop can be produced in all possible configurations and capacities:

  • monobloc outdoor unit system with integrated hydraulic module

  • split system where the compressor is in the outdoor unit and the indoor unit is a hydraulic module

  • split system where the compressor is in the indoor unit integrated with the hydraulic module and the outdoor unit represents finned packed heat exchanger

The dimensions and the design can be changed according to the personal requirements of the customer. It is possible to choose many different options:

  • web-based interface that allows remote control and monitoring of all operating parameters, diagnostics and automatic notification

  • different type of integrated or remote touchscreen controls

  • circulation pump with performance that meet the specific application

  • additional electric water heater with different capacities

  • changeover or control valves

  • optional heat/cold meter and electric meter for monitoring the consumed and useful energy

  • additional sensors for measuring many different parameters